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Date Title
6/22/16 The Time to Reform Social Security and Medicare is Now
6/21/16 Sensenbrenner Calls Lake Michigan Water Diversion a ‘Great Victory’ for Waukesha
6/10/16 Sensenbrenner Stands up for Middle Class Families by Rejecting Carbon Tax
6/9/16 DUE PROCESS ACT Introduced in the Senate
5/25/16 EPA Renewable Fuel Standard Proposal Hurts the American Consumer
5/25/16 Sensenbrenner Civil Asset Forfeiture Bill Moves Forward to a Full House Vote
5/19/16 Congressman Jim Sensenbrenner Introduces Civil Asset Forfeiture Reform Legislation
5/12/16 Sensenbrenner Bill to Combat Heroin and Opioid Addiction Passes Overwhelmingly in the House of Representatives
4/27/16 Comprehensive Opioid Abuse Reduction Act Passed Unanimously by House Judiciary Committee
4/22/16 Sensenbrenner Receives High Marks from the American Conservative Union
4/19/16 Sensenbrenner Receives Prestigious Justice Award from the American Bar Association
4/13/16 Sensenbrenner: Onerous EPA Regulations Damage American Industry
4/7/16 Sensenbrenner Again Urges NASA to Clarify Questionable Contracting Practices
3/16/16 Sensenbrenner on SCOTUS Nomination: Let the American People Have a Say
3/10/16 Senate Passage of CARA Renews Hope for Overcoming Addiction
3/2/16 Sensenbrenner Wants USS Wisconsin to Take the Plunge
2/26/16 Obamacare Special Enrollment Periods are Costly to Taxpayers
2/24/16 Sensenbrenner and Jackson Lee: FBI Must Address Mounting Concerns on Stingray Technology
2/24/16 Sensenbrenner Pushes NASA to Address Serious Questions about Contracting Practices
2/24/16 Sensenbrenner Statement on the Judicial Redress Act Becoming Law
2/19/16 NASA Responds to Sensenbrenner’s Inquiry on Contracting Practices
2/12/16 Sensenbrenner Holds IRS Accountable for Taxpayer Service
2/12/16 Sensenbrenner Congratulates Senate Judiciary Committee on Passage of CARA
2/10/16 Sensenbrenner Applauds the Senate Passage of the Judicial Redress Act
2/10/16 Sensenbrenner Statement on the Passage of the Judicial Redress Act in the House of Representatives