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11/15/16 Rep. Sensenbrenner: It’s No Surprise Speaker Ryan Was Unanimously Selected to Serve a Second Term
11/14/16 Sensenbrenner Congratulates Chairman Reince Priebus on his Presidential Appointment
10/29/16 Congressman Sensenbrenner Calls on Comey, FBI to Conduct a More Vigilant Review of Clinton Emails This Time Around
10/11/16 Wisconsinites Continue Paying the Price for Obamacare
10/3/16 Congressman Sensenbrenner’s Application Deadline for Service Academy Nominations is October 14
10/3/16 Congressman Sensenbrenner Receives the NAM Award for Legislative Excellence in the 114th Congress
10/3/16 Congressman Sensenbrenner Joins Congressional Effort to Improve the Veterans Crisis Line
9/27/16 Congressman Sensenbrenner Holds EPA Accountable for Harmful Regulations that Hurt American Fuel Consumers
9/23/16 Congressman Sensenbrenner Introduces Bill to Stop the Sexual Exploitation of Children
9/15/16 Congressman Sensenbrenner Introduces Bill to Save Family-Owned Businesses From Death Tax Increases
9/15/16 Congressman Sensenbrenner Named ‘Guardian of Small Business’ by NFIB
9/14/16 Congressman Sensenbrenner Keeps USDA Honest About SNAP Program Fraud and Abuse
9/8/16 Congressman Sensenbrenner Holds EPA Accountable for Failing to Report the Environmental Impact of the RFS
9/8/16 Congressman Sensenbrenner Introduces Childcare Assistance Bill to Help American Families and Businesses
9/6/16 Congressman Sensenbrenner Accepting Service Academy Nomination Applications
9/1/16 State of Economy and Direction of the Country Among Biggest Concerns Listed in the 2016 Fifth District Survey Results
8/17/16 Criminal Justice Reform Needed to Curb Violence, Restore Order, and Strengthen Communities
8/12/16 Sensenbrenner Joins Wisconsin Delegation in Standing up for Patient Access
8/8/16 Sensenbrenner Commends Justice Department on Music Licensing Efforts
7/14/16 Sensenbrenner Introduces the No Regulation Without Representation Act
7/14/16 Bipartisan Opioid Legislation Heads to President Obama
7/8/16 House Approves Conference Report on Comprehensive Opioid Legislation
7/7/16 Rapid DNA Legislation Passes out of House Judiciary Committee
7/1/16 What Happens When ‘Primarily Social’ Meets Ulterior Motive?
6/30/16 Sensenbrenner Statement on PROMESA Becoming Law