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Date Title
9/13/17 Congressman Sensenbrenner Recognizes Disabled Army Combat Veteran in the Congressional Record
9/11/17 Congressman Sensenbrenner Statement on the Anniversary of September 11, 2001
9/7/17 Sensenbrenner Bill is a “No-Brainer” for Taxpayers
9/5/17 Congressman Sensenbrenner Statement on the End of the DACA Program
8/22/17 Speaker Ryan is Committed to Finding Solutions for America
8/21/17 Congressman Sensenbrenner Statement on Rapid DNA Legislation Being Signed into Law
8/12/17 Congressman Sensenbrenner Statement on Violence in Charlottesville
8/4/17 Reps. Sensenbrenner and Conyers Urge AG Sessions to Reconsider DOJ Policies on Asset Forfeiture
8/3/17 Congressman Sensenbrenner Statement on Molina Dropping out of the Obamacare Exchanges
8/2/17 Congressman Sensenbrenner Statement on Obamacare Premium Increases
8/2/17 Sensenbrenner Rapid DNA Legislation to be Signed into Law
7/28/17 Congressman Sensenbrenner Names New Chiefs of Staff
7/26/17 Recognizing the 27th Anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act
7/26/17 PROs Introduce Incomplete Music Database to Combat Sensenbrenner Bill
7/20/17 Congressman Sensenbrenner Introduces Legislation to Help Fill Increasing Nursing Vacancies
7/20/17 Rep. Sensenbrenner Introduces the Transparency in Music Licensing Ownership Act
7/13/17 Reps. Sensenbrenner and Conyers Reintroduce Bipartisan Voting Rights Amendment Act of 2017
6/29/17 Congressman Sensenbrenner Reintroduces MOTION Act in the House of Representatives
6/27/17 Representatives Sensenbrenner, Lofgren Reintroduce the Tibetan Refugee Assistance Act
6/27/17 Congressman Sensenbrenner Named New Chairman of Prestigious House Judiciary Subcommittee
6/22/17 Congressman Sensenbrenner, Senator Johnson Urge U.S. Commerce Secretary to Avoid Unnecessary Manufacturing Restrictions
6/22/17 Congressmen Sensenbrenner Compels Commerce Secretary to Spare Non-Security Steel Products from Ongoing Investigation
6/21/17 Congressman Sensenbrenner Statement on Anthem Dropping out of the Wisconsin Health Insurance Market
6/21/17 Congressman Sensenbrenner: Milwaukee Loses Out on Federal Crime Assistance Due to Sanctuary Status
6/13/17 Congressmen Sensenbrenner Introduces the Second Chance Reauthorization Act