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Date Title
11/28/18 Sensenbrenner’s Bipartisan Visa Bill Passes House Unanimously
10/11/18 Sensenbrenner Opposes Expansion of the Sale of Higher Ethanol-Blended Fuel Files
10/1/18 Sensenbrenner Statement on USMCA
9/27/18 Chairmen Sensenbrenner Delivers Opening Statement at Hearing on Sports Betting
9/26/18 Sensenbrenner Provision to Protect Child Included in House-Passed Bill
9/14/18 Bipartisan Group of Lawmakers Introduces Bill to Stabilize Pending Interstate Sales Tax Chaos
9/6/18 Sensenbrenner Is First On National Taxpayers Union House Rankings
8/30/18 Key Law Enforcement Group Announces Support for Sensenbrenner/Johnson Opioid Bill Files
8/23/18 Attorneys General from All 50 States, DC, and Puerto Rico Urge Congress to Pass Sensenbrenner/Johnson Opioid Bill Files
7/23/18 House Passes Sensenbrenner Bill to Protect Private Property Rights
7/16/18 Sensenbrenner Statement on Russia
7/13/18 Sensenbrenner Supports Resolution Backing ICE Agents
7/10/18 Sensenbrenner Applauds Nomination of Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the United States Supreme Court
7/3/18 Sensenbrenner Named Negotiator for Defense Bill
6/22/18 Sensenbrenner Votes to Send Comprehensive Opioid Legislation to Senate
6/21/18 Sensenbrenner Statement on Immigration Vote
6/21/18 Sensenbrenner Statement on SCOTUS Decision to Kill Quill and Open Door to Online Sales Tax
6/18/18 Sensenbrenner Statement on Family Separations
6/15/18 Sensenbrenner Introduces Bill to Alleviate Doctor Shortage in Underserved Communities Files
6/15/18 Sensenbrenner-Backed Legislation to Fight Synthetic Opioids Clears House
6/13/18 Sensenbrenner Supports House Initiatives to Combat Opioid Epidemic
5/31/18 Sensenbrenner Announces Summer Town Hall Meetings
5/8/18 Expert Testifies in Support of Sensenbrenner Legislation to Combat Opioid Epidemic
4/18/18 Sensenbrenner Receives Award for Work on Second Chance Act
4/12/18 Sensenbrenner Supports Balanced Budget Amendment