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Date Title
4/29/13 Sensenbrenner Sends Letter to EPA on Keystone Pipeline
4/26/13 Reducing Flight Delays Act Passes with Bipartisan Support
4/24/13 Sensenbrenner Sends Letter to UW President Reilly
4/23/13 Sensenbrenner Letter to Holder: Email Protected under Fourth Amendment
4/12/13 Protecting Charitable Deductions in Our Tax Code
4/10/13 Crime, Terrorism, Homeland Security and Investigations Subcommittee Hearing on“Luxury Jets and Empty Prisons: Wasteful and Duplicative Spending at the Department of Justice”
4/10/13 Sensenbrenner and Matheson Introduce the Preserve the Charitable Contribution Deduction Act
4/10/13 Sensenbrenner Disappointed by President's Budget Proposal
4/5/13 Sensenbrenner Responds to FAA’s Announcement to Delay Closure of Contract Towers
4/1/13 Sensenbrenner Sends Letter to LaHood Regarding Contract Tower Closures
3/22/13 Sensenbrenner Responds to FAA’s Announcement to Move Forward with Contract Tower Closures
3/21/13 Sensenbrenner Applauds Passage of House Republican Budget
3/19/13 Sensenbrenner Statement on Electronic Communications Privacy Act
3/12/13 Sensenbrenner Supports Chairman Ryan’s FY2014 Budget
3/5/13 Sensenbrenner Reintroduces the Religious Freedom Tax Repeal Act
2/28/13 Sensenbrenner Bill to Require EPA to Study Effects of E15
2/20/13 Sensenbrenner Seeks Details on NASA's Asteroid Preparedness
2/15/13 Sensenbrenner Bill to Stop EPA’s Unreasonable Biofuel Mandate
2/13/13 Sensenbrenner Investigates EPA’s Runaway Biofuel Mandate
2/1/13 Bipartisan Members of Judiciary Committee File Amicus Brief in Support of Voting Rights Act
1/30/13 Sensenbrenner Blasts Mismanaged ATF Sting in Milwaukee
1/28/13 Sensenbrenner Statement on Senate Immigration Framework
1/15/13 Sensenbrenner Calls on President to Denounce Video Game Aimed at Shooting NRA Officials
1/2/13 Sensenbrenner Statement on Fiscal Cliff Deal