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Date Title
11/13/13 Sensenbrenner and Davis Introduce Legislation to Reduce Crime and Improve Communities
11/11/13 Sensenbrenner Testifies Before European Parliament’s Civil Liberties Committee
11/1/13 USA FREEDOM Act Draws Bipartisan Praise
10/29/13 Leahy & Sensenbrenner Join To Introduce USA FREEDOM Act
10/8/13 Sensenbrenner Sends Letter to Holder on DOJ’s Interpretation of Patriot Act
9/20/13 On Senate to Pass What American People Want
9/19/13 Jim Sensenbrenner and Eddie Bernice Johnson Introduce Public Access Bill
9/6/13 Sensenbrenner and NRA Support ACLU Lawsuit
9/6/13 Implications of Bulk Collection on the Second Amendment
9/4/13 Sensenbrenner Opposes Strike against Syria
8/22/13 Sensenbrenner Reacts to Department of Justice Lawsuit over Voter ID
8/2/13 Sensenbrenner Introduces Bill to Protect Small Businesses
8/1/13 House Passes Student Loan Certainty Act
8/1/13 Sensenbrenner Meets in Oval Office to Discuss National Security and Civil Liberties
7/17/13 DOJ Responds to Sensenbrenner's Letter Regarding Interpretation of Patriot Act
7/17/13 Sensenbrenner Testifies at Senate Hearing on Voting Rights Act
6/28/13 Goodlatte, Conyers, Sensenbrenner, and Scott Statement on Meeting with Holder
6/26/13 National Taxpayers Union Endorses H.R. 1479
6/26/13 Bipartisan Judiciary Members: Supreme Court Acknowledges the Work of the Voting Rights Act is Not Complete
6/14/13 NDAA Passes in the House, Cushing Amendment Included
6/13/13 Judiciary Committee Approves Bill to Protect Private Property Rights
6/12/13 Protecting Property Rights for All Americans
6/6/13 AG Holder’s Response is Inadequate
6/6/13 Author of Patriot Act: FBI’s FISA Order is Abuse of Patriot Act
6/4/13 Crime Subcommittee Hearing on “The Department of Justice's Handling of Known or Suspected Terrorists Admitted into the Federal Witness Security Program”