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Date Title
5/8/14 House Intelligence Committee Passes USA FREEDOM Act
5/7/14 Judiciary Committee Passes USA FREEDOM Act
4/30/14 Sensenbrenner and Larsen Introduce Bill to Establish Arctic Ambassador
4/11/14 NSA Reportedly Exploited Heartbleed Bug
4/2/14 The USA FREEDOM Act Closes the NSA’s “Back Door” Access to Americans’ Communications
4/2/14 Sensenbrenner Sends Follow-Up Letter to AG Holder on Clapper’s False Testimony
3/24/14 The “End Bulk Collection Act” Won’t End Bulk Collection
3/13/14 Sensenbrenner Follow-Up Letter to Cole: Are You Spying on Congress?
3/13/14 The Consensus Is Bulk Collection Must End
3/6/14 Sensenbrenner Sends Letter to Obama to Halt Government-Led Trade Mission to Russia
3/5/14 Sensenbrenner Addresses Misconceptions about the VRAA
2/26/14 Sensenbrenner on House Passage of the Private Property Rights Protection Act
2/12/14 Sensenbrenner, Issa & Nadler Send Letter to Cole Regarding Testimony Before the House Judiciary Committee on FISA Reform
2/3/14 WI Delegation Sends Letter to Obama on Propane Shortage
1/23/14 Sensenbrenner Responds to PCLOB Report
1/17/14 Sensenbrenner Responds to Obama’s Speech on National Security and Surveillance
1/16/14 Sensenbrenner, Leahy & Conyers Lead Bipartisan, Bicameral Introduction of Legislation to Restore the Voting Rights Act
1/5/14 Sensenbrenner Disagrees with Johnson Lawsuit
12/19/13 House Judiciary Committee Members Call for DOJ Investigation of National Intelligence Director Clapper for Lying to Congress
12/18/13 Sensenbrenner and Kind Lead Successful Effort to Include Cushing Amendment in NDAA
12/16/13 Federal Judge: NSA’s Metadata Collection Program Likely Unconstitutional
12/6/13 Sensenbrenner Disappointed by EPA’s Lack of Transparency
11/21/13 Broad Coalition Of Tech Companies, Nonprofit Groups Offers Support For The Leahy-Sensenbrenner USA FREEDOM Act
11/19/13 Sensenbrenner Delivers Keynote Address on NSA/FISA Reform at Georgetown Law
11/18/13 Sensenbrenner Questions EPA Administrator McCarthy on E15