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Date Title
9/8/15 Judicial Redress Act Final Step in Umbrella Agreement with EU
8/28/15 Sensenbrenner Now Accepting Service Academy Applications
8/7/15 Sensenbrenner and Subcommittee Chairs Support Objective Biofuel Study
7/30/15 Sensenbrenner Stands up for Charitable Organizations
7/30/15 Sensenbrenner, Davis Reintroduce the Second Chance Reauthorization Act
7/28/15 Sensenbrenner Introduces Bill to Address Unattainable Cellulosic Biofuel Mandate
7/28/15 Sensenbrenner Releases Fifth District Survey Results for 2015
7/27/15 Sensenbrenner Calls for Investigation into Morally Bankrupt Abortion Practices
7/23/15 Sensenbrenner to EPA Administrator: Where’s the Missing Information?
7/22/15 Sensenbrenner Takes Aim at Morally Bankrupt Abortion Practices with New Legislation
7/20/15 Sensenbrenner Blasts Iran Deal in Speech to Constituents
7/13/15 Sensenbrenner Calls on President Obama to get Serious about Criminal Justice Reform
7/10/15 Congressman Jim Sensenbrenner Reintroduces the Private Property Rights Protection Act
6/25/15 Sensenbrenner, Scott Introduce Bipartisan, State-tested Criminal Justice Reform Legislation
6/23/15 Sensenbrenner Announces RFS Sunset Legislation
6/23/15 EPA Late with Sensenbrenner's Request for More Information on Ethanol Labels and Misfueling
6/18/15 Sensenbrenner to Lynch: Don’t Use the ADA to Take down WI’s School Voucher Program
6/17/15 Representative Jim Sensenbrenner Applauds Senate Introduction of the Judicial Redress Act of 2015
6/15/15 Sensenbrenner Welcomes Response from U.S. Trade Rep. on Restricting Climate Change Provisions in TPA
6/4/15 Sensenbrenner Introduces Resolution Celebrating Les Paul’s 100th Birthday
6/4/15 Sensenbrenner and Lofgren Reintroduce Bi-Partisan Legislation To Help Tibetan Refugees
6/2/15 Goodlatte, Conyers, Sensenbrenner, Nadler Applaud Clean Passage of the USA FREEDOM Act in the Senate
5/23/15 Goodlatte, Conyers, Sensenbrenner, Nadler on Senate Rejection of the USA Freedom Act
5/22/15 Sensenbrenner’s Response to Sen. Burr Proposal
5/21/15 Sensenbrenner Supports TPA