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Date Title
2/24/16 Sensenbrenner Pushes NASA to Address Serious Questions about Contracting Practices
2/24/16 Sensenbrenner Statement on the Judicial Redress Act Becoming Law
2/24/16 Sensenbrenner and Jackson Lee: FBI Must Address Mounting Concerns on Stingray Technology
2/19/16 NASA Responds to Sensenbrenner’s Inquiry on Contracting Practices
2/12/16 Sensenbrenner Congratulates Senate Judiciary Committee on Passage of CARA
2/12/16 Sensenbrenner Holds IRS Accountable for Taxpayer Service
2/10/16 Sensenbrenner Applauds the Senate Passage of the Judicial Redress Act
2/10/16 Sensenbrenner Statement on the Passage of the Judicial Redress Act in the House of Representatives
2/9/16 President Obama Proposes a Weaker Economy in Final Budget
2/8/16 Sensenbrenner Touts Perfect Voting Record on Behalf of Wisconsin’s Fifth Congressional District
2/8/16 Widespread Heroin and Opioid Addiction Prompts Serious Action on Capitol Hill and Beyond
2/3/16 Sensenbrenner Supports the City of Waukesha’s Request for Access to Lake Michigan Water
2/2/16 Sensenbrenner: Transatlantic Data Flow Agreement a Positive Step Forward
1/28/16 Sensenbrenner to EPA Administrator: Fulfill Your Duties to the American People
1/28/16 Sensenbrenner Statement on Senate Judiciary Committee Passage of the Judicial Redress Act
1/25/16 Sensenbrenner Statement on Lowered Obamacare Enrollment Projections
1/12/16 Sensenbrenner Statement on State of the Union Address
1/12/16 Second Chance Reauthorization Act Helps Individuals and Strengthens Communities
1/8/16 Volatility And Losses Undermining Earnings (VALUE) Act
1/8/16 Sensenbrenner Announces U.S. Service Academy Nominees from Wisconsin’s Fifth Congressional District
1/6/16 A Significant Mile Marker on the Path to Repeal
1/5/16 Sensenbrenner Shoots Down Executive Action on Firearms
12/18/15 USDA Ignores Sensenbrenner’s Request for Answers About Blender Pump “Investments”
12/18/15 Criminal Justice Needs Real Reform, Not Isolated Gestures
12/8/15 Political Posturing on National Security Does Not Make America Safer