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Date Title
7/25/19 House Passes Sensenbrenner-Backed Bill to Help Family Farmers Unanimously
7/25/19 Sensenbrenner Leads Effort to Rein in Unelected Bureaucrats Files
7/24/19 Sensenbrenner Statement on Mueller Testimony: Case Closed
7/18/19 Sensenbrenner Statement on Bill to Slow Economy
7/12/19 Sensenbrenner Statement on Defense Authorization Bill
6/26/19 Sensenbrenner Reintroduces Legislation to Bolster American Standing in Arctic Circle, Check Russian and Chinese Influence
6/20/19 Sensenbrenner and Moore Introduce Bipartisan Bill to Help Advance Gastrointestinal Research Files
6/10/19 Broadband has bipartisan support in Congress -- Bill Esbeck
6/10/19 Deeper dive: New bill builds framework for separate benefit
6/10/19 The Regulatory Review: Week in Review
6/5/19 GOP lawmakers divided on House antitrust tech probe
6/4/19 Big Tech unites Democrats, Republicans behind anti-trust crackdown
5/22/19 Sensenbrenner, Johnson Introduce SOFA Act to Combat Opioid Epidemic
5/22/19 Sensenbrenner, Johnson Introduce SOFA Act to Combat Opioid Epidemic
5/16/19 Sensenbrenner Statement On Obamacare Bailout Bill
4/30/19 Sensenbrenner’s Bipartisan Drug Pricing Bills Clear House Committee Unanimously
4/30/19 Sensenbrenner and Higgins Reintroduce Bipartisan Bill to Help Individuals with Severe Medical Needs
4/9/19 Sensenbrenner Rated Most Conservative Member of Wisconsin Delegation by the ACUF
4/4/19 Sensenbrenner Announces 2019 Town Hall Meeting Schedule
3/27/19 Sensenbrenner Leads Bipartisan Effort to Ease Online Sales Tax Concerns
3/25/19 Sensenbrenner Leads Bipartisan Effort to Extend Prescription Drug Program for Seniors
3/24/19 Sensenbrenner Statement on the Conclusion of the Mueller Report
3/15/19 Sensenbrenner Reintroduces Bill to Modernize Voting Rights
2/26/19 Sensenbrenner Statement on National Emergency Declaration
2/7/19 Sensenbrenner, Connolly, Toomey, and Jones Redouble Effort to Fight Fentanyl Imports Files