BROOKFIELD,WI – Congressman Jim Sensenbrenner held 12 town hall meetings throughout Wisconsin’s Fifth Congressional District over the past four days, meeting with constituents with views spanning the ideological spectrum.

 Record crowds, consisting mostly of constituents from the Congressman’s district, gathered to express their views and were recognized one by one during the time allotted for public discussion. Constituents experiencing individual problems with federal government agencies were also given time after the public portion of each meeting to speak with Congressman Sensenbrenner about their specific situations.

Safety protocol made it difficult for everyone interested in attending from participating in the meeting, however individuals wishing to express their views have, and will continue to have, various ways of contacting the Congressman, including phone, standard mail, email, and social media, as well as a significant number of additional town hall meetings.

Congressman Sensenbrenner: “I have always been accessible to my constituents and have shown respect for their opinions and concerns, even when they don’t agree with my positions on issues. Open and honest discourse between elected officials and the citizens they represent is the only way to find solutions to the problems facing our nation, and as long as I have the privilege to serve Wisconsin’s Fifth Congressional District, I will continue to provide my constituents with an opportunity and a forum to respectfully express their views and offer their ideas.”

Fast Facts:

• Congressman Sensenbrenner has held 30 town hall meetings already in 2017
• Congressman Sensenbrenner holds more in-person meetings than any Member of Congress 
• Congressman Sensenbrenner has held 520 town hall meetings since 2013
• Congressman Sensenbrenner personally signs roughly 300,000 constituent letters annually

While not everyone shared like-minded policy positions and beliefs, a resounding chorus throughout all events was one of thanks to the Congressman for his willingness to regularly host meetings and providing constituents an opportunity to speak to him directly:

He’s listening to people… He’s honest in stating his views [although they] may not agree with many of the people who come.”—Jane Speer, Fifth District constituent 

“[Congressman Sensenbrenner] strikes me as a little more personable; I actually found some common ground here and there.”—Aaron Madison, Fifth District constituent 

“I’ve disagreed with you often over the years and I ran against you in 2014, but I always respected you for the way you have conducted yourself in office, constituent service, and because you maintain your reasonable level of respect for voting rights and civil liberties.” –Chris Rockwood, former Democratic candidate for Wisconsin’s Fifth Congressional District