Washington, D.C. Congressman Jim Sensenbrenner (WI-05) offered the following statement after making numerous points of order on the House Floor during today’s House debate on the so-called “Equal Rights Amendment.” 

“I was amazed by the ruling of the Chair during today’s House debate on the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA). I made two specific points of order that were both rejected out of hand and without a vote of the House. The majority’s outrageous disregard for the Constitution was on a full display. I am both disappointed and dismayed. The snap ruling of the Chair does not supersede the authority of the Constitution. Three-quarters of the states failed to ratify the ERA by the deadline set by Congress. House Democrats voted to retroactively revive a failed constitutional amendment. A two-thirds vote is vote is required to amend the Constitution and I believe a two-thirds vote of the House of Representatives is necessary for removal of the deadline.