Congressman Jim Sensenbrenner (R-WI) issued the following statement in response to President Obama’s 2014 budget proposal:

“I was extremely disappointed by President Obama’s budget proposal – a plan that does not offer America a path toward fiscal stability or self-reliance. Our economy is struggling and raising taxes by over a trillion dollars on hard-working families, increasing spending by $964 billion and adding $8.2 trillion to our debt is not the answer.  We simply cannot tax, spend and borrow our way to prosperity. A budget that never balances is irresponsible and is not the solution the American people are looking for. 

“I support the responsible proposal brought forth by Chairman Ryan and the House Budget Committee. Our plan balances in ten years and brings real solutions to the table to address waste and excess, making government more accountable and better stewards of taxpayer money. Washington must tackle the drivers of our debt and address the mountainous burden it is placing on future generations. This is not only an economic issue, but a moral one as well.”