Today, negotiations between the United States of America and the European Union regarding data protection standards have ended in an Umbrella Agreement. Once in place, this agreement will ensure increased protection of personal data between international law enforcement agencies.

The Judicial Redress Act, introduced by Congressman Jim Sensenbrenner earlier this year, would be the final step in procuring much needed data and technological security between friendly nations. Congressman Sensenbrenner released the following statement, applauding the agreement and urging the passage of the Judicial Redress Act.

Congressman Sensenbrenner: “Technological advances have not only spurred progress in our world, but also new, sophisticated methods of criminal activity. To help combat this, I introduced the Judicial Redress Act to improve cooperation between United States law enforcement and our international allies. The recent agreement on data sharing between nations is a great step forward for international safety and prosperity. The Judicial Redress Act, however, remains a critical piece in our partnership with the European Union and is critical to ensure continued sharing of law enforcement intelligence.  I am optimistic that it will not only be brought before Congress, but will be passed with bipartisan support.”