Congressman Sensenbrenner sent a letter today to Transportation Secretary LaHood to gain a better understanding of why the cost-effective Contract Tower Program (CTP) has been cut and what can be done to salvage the Contract Towers and the jobs of the workers who operate them.

“Washington is full of excess, waste and duplication. Our federal government is bloated and we must begin the tedious process of unburdening the American taxpayer from political inefficiency.  Reining in spending will stabilize our economy and put America on a path to fiscal stability and self-reliance. But we must do so carefully and responsibly. Across the board cuts are not the answer.

“When looked at next to comparable FAA-staffed towers, Contract Towers are considerably safer and less expensive. It is my goal to work with Secretary LaHood to pinpoint waste within the Department of Transportation (DOT) in order to reallocate funds to the Contract Tower Program. By doing so, I am confident that we can provide a sufficient operational budget for Contract Towers – saving jobs and ensuring flyer safety while still achieving the necessary savings required by sequestration.”