Congressman Jim Sensenbrenner (R-Wis.) today sent the following letter to Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Gina McCarthy regarding his earlier request for the EPA’s position on numerous enquiries, including E15 labels, misfueling, and Clean Air Act enforcement:

Dear Administrator McCarthy:

I write to you regarding my letter dated May 12, 2015.  The letter requested a response by June 1, 2015, but to date, we have not received one.   

I specifically asked for a June 1 response because the summer volatility season begins that day, and the EPA’s position is of great interest to the American public.  Consumers have a right to know that fuels are safe and that retailers are using approved labels to prevent misfueling.  And Congress has to have confidence that the EPA is enforcing labeling requirements and Section 211(h)(1) of the Clean Air Act.

 I look forward to your prompt response.