In November, 2013 Congressman Sensenbrenner, along with 11 of his House colleagues including Congressmen Duffy, Petri and Ribble, sent a letter to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) encouraging it to focus on critical issues like disease outbreaks.  The CDC had recently launched a campaign to pressure states to adopt motorcycle helmet laws.  The CDC has also spent money to study seatbelt use, bike lanes and farmer’s markets.  

In response, the CDC equated motorcycle safety with its other priorities, writing, “CDC approaches motorcycle safety in the same manner as other public health issues, such as heart disease, cancer, and asthma.”  

Congressman Sensenbrenner:  “In times of crisis, we see how the cost of mission creep and government expansion can be measured in lives as well as money.  Last year, I urged the CDC to focus on its core priorities instead of ancillary issues like seatbelt use, motorcycle safety, bike lanes and farmer’s markets.

“The CDC has just now released protocols for healthcare workers to minimize the risk of infection from communicable diseases.  This should have been done years ago—before two healthcare workers were infected with Ebola.  It is past time for the CDC to prioritize its mission and spending.”