"Earlier this week, at one of my town hall meetings, a concerned constituent asked me about recent reports of our immigration practices. Like many others, she was horrified by the stories of children being separated from their parents and asked what can be done to stop it. I assured her that I, too, believe this situation is disgraceful and am distraught to see it occur.

It’s no secret that our immigration system is horribly broken. For years, previous administrations deliberately chose not to enforce our immigration laws, which has only exacerbated the situation at the border. For example, the Obama administration’s “catch and release” policy sent a clear message to the world: if you come here illegally, you will be able to cut the line and avoid criminal prosecution. This led to an increase in numbers of child trafficking and false asylum claims.

However, there is no reason to separate children from their parents. I find this practice to be immoral. We are indeed a nation of laws, and we must enforce them. Our laws, however, must reflect the values of our nation, and this practice certainly does not represent who we are.

At tonight’s meeting, President Trump rightly called on Congress—the branch of government tasked with writing our laws—to take action. I’m pleased to note that the House will consider legislation this week to address our broken immigration system. I continue to welcome feedback on this issue from my constituents as I review available legislative options."