Today, the Science Subcommittee on Research and Technology marked up the Surface Transportation Research and Development Act of 2015. The Subcommittee passed two amendments that will help improve motorcyclist safety and protect taxpayer money.  

Mr. Sensenbrenner applauds Congressman Hultgren’s amendments, one of which will prevent the federal government from providing grants to state and local governments to create motorcycle-only checkpoints. It requires the National Academy of Sciences to conduct a study on the most effective means to prevent motorcycle crashes. 

The other amendment will prevent the Department of Transportation from using taxpayer money to lobby government officials. Mr. Sensenbrenner added this language to the Surface Transportation Research and Development Act of 1997 and is pleased that the Science Committee continues to work to protect American taxpayers.  

Congressman Sensenbrenner: “I am pleased the Subcommittee adopted these amendments to the Surface Transportation and Development Act, as they are necessary for the safety of our nation’s motorcyclists. The amendments promote motorcyclist safety through crash prevention programs, but they also protect American taxpayers by ensuring that the federal government doesn’t use tax dollars to lobby state governments. It’s a victory anytime we can limit the federal government’s interference in state affairs. It was a pleasure to work with Congressman Hultgren in advancing these amendments. I look forward to these common sense amendments being included in the next highway reauthorization bill.”