WASHINGTON, DC – Today, Chairman Ed Royce (R-CA) announced that Congressman Jim Sensenbrenner will be joining the House Foreign Affairs Committee for the 115th Congress. 

Congressman Sensenbrenner’s distinguished reputation overseas and extensive legislative work on international issues makes him an immediate asset to the Foreign Affairs Committee. He has a successful record of promoting and brokering trans-Atlantic trust and cooperation, and is one of the most respected Members of Congress in Europe and Asia. 

Two of his most prominent accomplishments of the 114th Congress include the USA FREEDOM Act and the Judicial Redress Act, both signed into law by President Obama and influential in the rebuilding of America’s international reputation and trust between allied nations after the Edward Snowden revelations. Sensenbrenner was similarly influential in the negotiations between the United States and Puerto Rico regarding the Island’s financial hardships.

Congressman Sensenbrenner: “The important work of the Foreign Affairs Committee is essential for a safe and prosperous America. I’m looking forward to joining my colleagues on the Committee in promoting social and economic stability here and overseas, producing smart legislation that will secure and strengthen our international relationships, and upholding and honoring our commitments as a world leader.”

Official approval of this committee assignment will be finalized after an upcoming vote in the full House of Representatives.