Congressman Jim Sensenbrenner (R-WI) today released the 2012 results of the annual Fifth District survey.

“I send out an annual survey to Fifth District residents so that I may hear directly from them on important issues. No doubt, it can be difficult to choose just one option, but I need to make those equally difficult choices when I vote in the House of Representatives. I appreciate the time people took to share their thoughts with me.”

The questions, answer options, and results in full below:

Key Results:

  • 80% believe the country is headed in the wrong direction
  • Only 7% rate the economy as “good,” while 91% rate it fair or poor.
  • 75% say Congress should reduce the tax and regulatory burden to encourage small business job creation
  • Almost three out of four respondents support reforming Medicare for individuals 54 and younger

1)      Do you believe the country is headed in the right direction?

A.      Yes- 12%

B.      No- 80%

C.      Other- 8%

2)      Rate the condition of the economy.

A.      Excellent- 0%

B.      Good- 7%

C.      Fair- 34%

D.      Poor- 57%

E.       Other- 1% 


3)      What is the greatest economic challenge facing your family? (Choose one)

A.      Decline in housing prices- 14%

B.      Gas prices- 15%

C.      Rising prices of consumer goods- 39%

D.      Personal debt- 6%

E.       Lack of employment/underemployment- 12%

F.       Other- 14%

4)      How important is it to make sure that healthcare professionals in the U.S. are not forced to violate their conscience and participate in procedures in which they have moral objections?

A.      Very important- 68%

B.      Somewhat important- 14%

C.      Not too important- 13%

D.      Other- 5%


5)      What should Congress do to address high gas prices and increase American energy security? (Choose one)

A.      Increase domestic drilling for oil and natural gas- 23%

B.      Invest in alternative fuel like solar, nuclear and wind energy- 14%

C.      Increase American refining capabilities- 6%

D.      All of the above- 52%

E.       Other- 5%


6)      Do you support efforts to repeal the mandate for reformulated gas in Southeastern Wisconsin?

A.      Yes- 72%

B.      No- 13%

C.      Undecided- 15%


7)      Do you believe the President should approve the Keystone XL Pipeline to bring 830,000 barrels of crude oil from Canada to refineries in the US?

A.      Yes- 77%

B.      No- 14%

C.      Undecided- 9%


8)      Do you support efforts by the EPA and the ethanol industry to increase the percentage of ethanol in the nation’s fuel supply by advancing E15 (gasoline with 15 percent ethanol)?

A.      Yes- 12%

B.      No- 72%

C.      Undecided- 16%


9)      Do you believe military action against Iran should be an option in order to prevent the country from developing nuclear weapons?

A.      Yes, military action should be an option in addition to economic sanctions.- 49%

B.      No, we should consider economic sanctions alone in relations with Iran.- 33%

C.      Undecided- 18%


10)   Do you believe the health care reform law__________ 

A.      Goes too far- 71%

B.      Not far enough- 15%

C.      Is just right- 6%

D.      Unsure- 8%


11)   Medicare is unsustainable in its current form. Do you support reforming the program for individuals age 54 and younger, while keeping benefits the same for those in or near retirement?

A.      Yes- 73%

B.      No- 15%

C.      Undecided- 12%


12)   Do you believe that Social Security will be able to provide you with the benefits you need for retirement?

A.      Yes- 30%

B.      No- 61%

C.      Other- 10%


13)   What is the best way for Congress to encourage small business job creation? (Choose one)

A.      Reduce the regulatory and tax burden- 75%

B.      Increase spending on job training and workforce promotion programs- 14%

C.      “Stimulus”-styled spending where federal dollars are given directly to businesses- 3%

D.      Other- 8%