Congressman Jim Sensenbrenner (R-Wis.) had the following response to President Barack Obama’s speech on ISIS:

“It is now abundantly clear that ISIS is far more than part of a JV-level threat. It is a highly-structured and well-funded terrorist network that threatens everything we value. President Obama’s weak-kneed response has allowed ISIS to wreak havoc across the Middle East, rapidly expanding across the region. I agree that we must carefully consider our available options, but as the world’s super power equipped with the strongest military in the world, we cannot lead from behind. The world is watching.  

“The longer we take to destroy ISIS, the more America and its allies are at risk. Iraqi security forces and Syrian opposition are incapable of neutralizing this threat. A Joint Session of Congress is necessary so we can have a vigorous debate on how to ensure ISIS is annihilated. Not only must we address the danger it poses in the Middle East, but also vulnerabilities at home. ISIS is well-armed with sophisticated weapons—much more so than Al Qaeda 13 years ago. Unless President Obama changes course, our porous borders provide ISIS the opportunity to infiltrate our country. I was glad to see the President finally commit to defeating ISIS, but I am afraid his plan doesn’t go far enough. We must do everything in our power to protect Americans.”