Congressman Jim Sensenbrenner (R-WI) issued this statement regarding his vote against the fiscal cliff deal that hikes job-killing taxes without including any real spending reforms:

“The so-called deal doesn’t promote economic growth or job creation, it discourages it. Rather than address the drivers of our debt problem, it completely avoids any serious spending reform.”  

“I don’t want taxes to go up on anyone. I have spent my career fighting to help Wisconsinites keep more of their own money. But this deal only prolongs a debt crisis that will surely hand the taxpayers a bigger bill in the long term and threaten our economic growth. The CBO said this deal actually adds $4 trillion to the debt and includes forty-one dollars of tax increases for every one dollar of spending cuts.”

“The ‘fiscal cliff’ may be over, but our fiscal crisis is not. The upcoming 113th Congress must focus on cutting spending and reforming the structural causes of our debt, including entitlements.”