WASHINGTON, DC – Congressman Jim Sensenbrenner (R-WI) wrapped up his 2017 town hall meeting schedule over the weekend, bringing his total number of in-person town hall meetings this year to 115.


Congressman Sensenbrenner regularly holds in-person town hall meetings in 49 unique communities throughout his district. He averages three visits per community each year and approximately 100 total meetings annually – more in-person meetings than any other Member of Congress.


Congressman Sensenbrenner: “Holding town hall meetings is not only important for the sake of democracy, but its invaluable to me as I work to best represent the interests of my district. I believe that good policy requires input from both sides of the aisle, and continuing open discussions on the problems we face will enable us as a nation to find real solutions.


“Town hall meetings can be difficult; however, they’re vitally important. People deserve to have their voices heard in the halls of Congress, but that can’t happen unless they’re first heard by their representatives. For this reason, I will continue to frequently hold town halls for as long as I have the privilege of serving the people of Wisconsin’s Fifth District as their representative.”


Fast Facts

Congressman Sensenbrenner…

  • held 115 in-person town hall meetings in 2017
  • visited 49 unique Wisconsin communities throughout his district
  • averages 3 visits per community each year
  • doesn’t pre-screen town hall meeting questions from constituents
  • has held nearly 700 in-person town hall meetings since 2012


What They’re Saying

“The year’s not over, but Ron Wyden and Jim Sensenbrenner are far ahead of the competition (combined 150+ town halls) for 2017 Town Hall MVPs.” – Town Hall Project


“Proud of my Congressman Jim Sensenbrenner for his unmatched dedication to district town halls.” – Fifth District Constituent


“Thank you for setting an example for your colleagues.” – Town Hall Project


“Many were grateful Rep. Sensenbrenner came as other Congressman avoid their citizens. ‘We respect that so much about him,’ – Fifth District Constituent


We love Rep. Sensenbrenner’s dedication to traveling all over his district. He held 3 town halls this weekend, and has 7 more this month!” – Town Hall Project


“He’s been very helpful, and he does a fantastic job. I’m always amazed at his memory; he knows all these facts and figures. I give him a lot of credit.” – Fifth District Constituent


He’s listening to people… He’s honest in stating his views [although they] may not agree with many of the people who come.” Fifth District Constituent


“[Congressman Sensenbrenner] strikes me as a little more personable; I actually found some common ground here and there.” Fifth District Constituent


“I’ve disagreed with you often over the years and I ran against you in 2014, but I always respected you for the way you have conducted yourself in office, constituent service, and because you maintain your reasonable level of respect for voting rights and civil liberties.” – Fifth District Constituent


Town Hall Headlines of 2017

Sensenbrenner embraces town halls despite protests – The Washington Examiner

“Rep. Jim Sensenbrenner, R-Wis., is hosting a series of town hall meetings at a break-neck pace, even as many of his Republican colleagues are avoiding in-person, open forum meetings because of a unified, anti-President Trump push from the left."


Wyden, Sensenbrenner lead February town halls – The Hill

“Two longtime members of Congress spent the month of February answering questions from their constituents, even as loud protests over the Affordable Care Act led other members to cancel their own in-person events.”


Jim Sensenbrenner holds feisty town hall – Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

“Some politicians are wary of holding contentious town hall meetings. But not U.S. Rep. Jim Sensenbrenner, the dean of the Wisconsin delegation.


Have Gavel, Will Travel – Roll Call

“Wisconsin Republican Rep. Jim Sensenbrenner, who has held the most town halls this year, said he’s heard anger from constituents throughout his nearly four decades in the House. And his approach to dealing with it has been consistent. The 20-term congressman has prioritized doing town hall events since he first came to Congress in 1979.

“Sensenbrenner said his constituents should know he’s still with them.”


GOP lawmakers lead way in holding town halls – The Hill

“Since the beginning of the 114th Congress in 2015, four Republicans – Rep. Jim Sensenbrenner (Wis.), Sens. Mike Crap (Idaho) and Jerry Moran (Kan.) and former Rep. Tim Huelskamp (Kan.) – held more than 100 in-person town hall meetings.”


U.S. Rep. Jim Sensenbrenner holds civil town hall in Pewaukee as others turn hostile – Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

“Sensenbrenner… routinely holds more town halls each year than nearly all members of Congress…”


Constituents pack Pewaukee town hall meeting, present a number of concerns – WTMJ Milwaukee

“Jane Speer went on to say she isn’t necessarily in favor of many of the congressman’s policies, but she appreciates the town hall platform he’s provided for citizens to voice their concerns, even if they disagree.”


Town halls are in the spotlight, but are they effective in communicating with lawmakers? – USA Today Network-Wisconsin

“Sensenbrenner and Kind held the most town halls in the months following the 2016 election, according to their offices. From November 2016 through May 2017, Sensenbrenner held 75 town halls while Kind held 13.”


Congressman Sensenbrenner Holds Town Halls in Wisconsin – CBS Milwaukee

“Congressman Jim Sensenbrenner is spending the weekend in Wisconsin. He's listening to the concerns of the people he represents.”


The left prepares ‘Indivisible’ playbook for Sensenbrenner town hall – Watchdog.org

“When U.S. Rep. Jim Sensenbrenner holds the latest in a long line of town hall meetings Monday evening in Wauwatosa, the usual suspects will most likely be in attendance. The Menomonee Falls Republican has hosted more constituent events than just about any other member of Congress this town hall season…”


“Be respectful!” U.S. Rep. Sensenbrenner’s crowded town hall events feature heated exchanges – Fox6 Milwaukee

“Sensenbrenner, a 38-year veteran of Congress, noted that he had been holding town halls since President Jimmy Carter was in the White House. Sensenbrenner has held the second-most town hall meetings of any congressman since the start of 2014, according to the website Legistorm.”


Lawmakers cutting back town halls this month – Politico

“POLITICO focused its analysis on the number of lawmakers holding events to gauge members’ interest in holding town halls as the year progresses. Some lawmakers still hold multiple public meetings each recess – Rep. Jim Sensenbrenner (R-Wis.) has scheduled 79 town halls so far this year…”


Jim Sensenbrenner to host town hall meetings in Hartford and Elm Grove – Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

“Sensenbrenner frequently hosts town hall meetings throughout his district to give constituents an opportunity to share their views on issues Congress is working on…”


Sensenbrenner says there has to be “vigorous debate and vigorous compromise” on health care policy – Fox6 Milwaukee

“Respect was the number one rule after a recent heated round of town hall meetings held by Congressman Jim Sensenbrenner.”

“There has to be a vigorous debate and vigorous compromise,” Sensenbrenner said.”