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12/20/19 Why I Voted Against the Trump Impeachment
11/4/19 The Clinton Impeachment Was Fair
7/11/19 New trade deal will further economic boom
12/4/18 With female genital mutilation ban gone, we need new legislation to protect at-risk girls
6/26/18 Taxation without representation: We’ve already fought this war
4/17/18 New Tax Code a Breath of Fresh Air for Wisconsin
12/14/17 A bipartisan effort that will save lives
10/30/17 Town hall meetings are crucial for a healthy democracy
10/18/17 Ending FISA’s sunset provisions is not a risk worth taking
10/10/17 Sensenbrenner: Comprehensive tax reform benefits everyone
9/15/17 We're trying to keep bipartisanship alive
8/10/17 Rep. Jim Sensenbrenner: The Senate failed on healthcare
7/25/17 Expansion of federal forfeiture threatens property rights
7/25/17 Federal agencies must modernize to be competitive and effective
7/25/17 Jim Sensenbrenner: Giving our nurses a helping hand
7/21/17 Transparency in Music Licensing Helps Small Business
7/17/17 Sensenbrenner: Congress should reauthorize modern Voting Rights Act
6/22/17 Sensenbrenner: Anthem’s withdrawal is the latest Obamacare failure in Wisconsin
5/22/17 America's H-1B Visa Program Needs Reform
5/5/17 No regulation without representation
4/18/17 Sensenbrenner: Obamacare is failing Wisconsin
3/31/17 Republicans Deserve Tough Questions -- So Do Democrats
2/6/17 Sensenbrenner: Reducing dependent care costs gives families a hand
11/30/16 No online taxation without representation
11/2/16 Without a modernized Voting Rights Act, there’s no such thing as an honest election