Date Title
7/17/17 Sensenbrenner: Congress should reauthorize modern Voting Rights Act
6/22/17 Sensenbrenner: Anthem’s withdrawal is the latest Obamacare failure in Wisconsin
5/22/17 America's H-1B Visa Program Needs Reform
5/5/17 No regulation without representation
4/18/17 Sensenbrenner: Obamacare is failing Wisconsin
3/31/17 Republicans Deserve Tough Questions -- So Do Democrats
2/6/17 Sensenbrenner: Reducing dependent care costs gives families a hand
11/30/16 No online taxation without representation
11/2/16 Without a modernized Voting Rights Act, there’s no such thing as an honest election
10/12/16 Protecting family-owned business protects our economy
9/16/16 Criminal Justice Reform Bills Are On The Table In Congress. Now It Needs To Pass Them.
9/6/16 Give The Public What It Pays For: Scientific Research
6/9/16 Bring fairness to music licensing
5/12/16 The bitter fruits of Obamacare
3/31/16 Suppress Votes? I’d Rather Lose My Job
3/16/16 House action imperative in the fight against addiction
3/7/16 Criminal justice reform needed for Wisconsin, nation
2/16/16 Welcome to the Legal Minefield Laid by Obama and the Feds
2/9/16 Tax reform is critical for American economic prosperity
11/23/15 Obama must avoid a constitutional crisis on Guantanamo
11/16/15 Obama’s Clean Power Plan is a Bad Deal for America
7/30/15 Now is the Time for Criminal Justice Reform
2/10/15 Congress must reform outdated and unfair civil forfeiture laws
7/16/14 President Barack Obama created the border crisis
3/20/14 Protect our right to vote