WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today, Congressman Jim Sensenbrenner released his weekly column on the start of the 115th Congress and the legislative priorities that he and House Republicans will move forward in the coming months:

Tuesday marked the official start to the 115th Congress, and House Republicans are wasting no time moving forward to fix the mistakes of the Obama administration and advance new legislation under the Better Way agenda that will create a positive economic atmosphere, peel back years of government over-regulation, and restore Americans’ confidence in our nation and its leaders.

For more than a year, House Republicans have been talking about a more Confident America. The Better Way agenda will take an innovative, responsive, and inclusive approach toward issues of poverty, national security, health care, tax reform, the economy, and the Constitution. 

Under those umbrellas, I will be introducing bills that will work to fix our broken criminal justice system, defend Americans’ property rights, protect our nation’s most vulnerable citizens, including children and the disabled, and reign in burdensome federal regulations that inhibit personal freedom and economic growth.

I encourage your feedback on these matters as I introduce legislation and work to advance it through Congress. I look forward to speaking with you at town hall meetings, office hours, and district events to hear your ideas.

This is an exciting time for our country. I’m optimistic about the opportunities that lie ahead and am eager to begin a productive legislative session that will make good on the promises made for a better, more confident America.