On Monday, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced a rule aiming to cut 30 percent of carbon dioxide emissions nationwide by 2030, an Obama Administration order that skirts congressional authority and puts our economic growth in jeopardy. Of course, this most recent promulgation is part the President’s broader War on Coal, which adheres to a radical, dogmatic brand of environmentalism at the expense of American jobs.
Like most of my colleagues, I care deeply about the environment—Wisconsin has some of the most beautiful hills, lakes and farmland in the country. But I also believe we should be wary of environmental policies that have an adverse effect on economic growth. Under the proposed plan, electricity prices would skyrocket, the cost of doing business would increase and our international competitiveness would diminish.
It's troubling that the President uses the rhetoric of free enterprise and states’ rights to push a plan that is inherently anti-free market. States that don’t meet the Administration’s unrealistic benchmark would fall under a blanket federal plan that ignores the intricacies and nuances of state economies. Rather than relying on stale partisan talking points, which result in inflexible, overreaching policy prescriptions, the President should work with businesses and other affected stakeholders to craft workable solutions to climate change.
Now is not the time to impose schemes that hit consumers’ wallets, damage the economy and affect nearly every stage of production and consumption. Congress already voted down Cap-and-Tax when Democrats controlled the House and Senate—the American people and businesses staunchly opposed it. I will not accept this Administration’s unilateral attempt to enact economy-crushing regulations, and will work with my colleagues to craft policies that protect jobs and produce tangible improvements to the environment.