Every day, while we all go about our lives, the selfless men and women who serve at Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) risk their lives to protect our nation and enforce our laws. They keep our communities safe from drug smugglers, sex traffickers, and dangerous criminal aliens.

To illustrate this point, let’s look at what ICE did in 2017. ICE agents arrested 127,000 criminal aliens and rescued more than 900 children from sexual exploitation. ICE also made our communities safer last year when it seized nearly 1 million pounds of narcotics, including 2,400 pounds of fentanyl and 7,000 pounds of heroin.

Meanwhile, the radical left has turned its ire toward these heroes. Unbelievably, condemning ICE is becoming a litmus test for those in the progressive movement. Recently, a prominent Democratic gubernatorial candidate declared ICE a “terrorist organization.” Members of the House Democratic leadership have called ICE “fascist” and referred to agents, who are just doing their job, as “cowardly.” Another member from our own Wisconsin delegation actually introduced legislation to abolish ICE entirely! Such attacks on this law enforcement community are disgusting and unconscionable, even if the only end game is simply to score cheap political points with the liberal base.

Throughout my career, I have consistently supported the important work ICE agents do. I am pleased to report, this week, I joined my colleagues in showing support for ICE officers. By a vote of 244-35, we passed a resolution of support for the mission of ICE introduced by Congressman Clay Higgins of Louisiana, who is a veteran and former police officer.

Sad to say, 133 Democrats refused to cast a real vote on the resolution, voting “present,” likely for fear of alienating their base; and 34 Democrats flat-out opposed the resolution.

I promise to continue my long-standing support of ICE and its agents. It is my hope that those who don’t will reconsider their irresponsible position.