Among our most basic tasks as Members of Congress is to cast votes on legislation before the House of Representatives. I take this duty very seriously because it is a way for my constituents in the 5th Congressional District to have a voice in Washington. In 2018, the House of Representatives voted 379 times, and I’m proud to report that I cast a vote each and every time. 

Sometimes Members might miss a vote because of family demands, travel snafus or illness. However, I have a perfect record this year. In fact, since 2010, I’ve compiled a 99.5 percent voting record.

My commitment to being present for votes and making myself accessible to my constituents is important for how I manage my priorities. During the 115th Congress, I’ve hosted 176 face-to-face town hall meetings. I’ve also received and responded to more than 100,000 different letters, emails, and phone calls. The feedback I get from my constituents helps with the difficult decisions I’m often faced with when I vote. This is how the system should work. I appreciate it when I hear from those whom I represent when they are sharing their opinions and concerns.

So far this year, we have tackled a variety of critical issues in the House – issues that impact our quality of life. For example, we have passed more than 50 bills that address topics such as the opioid epidemic;  funding for our military; and burdensome regulations on job creators and small businesses. I’m proud of the progress we’ve made, and I thank you for your input on these and many other important issues.

As the House is set to recess for August, I encourage you to keep the cards and letters coming! I am listening. You can reach my Washington Office at (202) 225-5101, or my Brookfield Office at (262) 784-1111. Or, send a message through my website,