The American people have waited nearly a decade to see true, positive change in Washington. Now, we have the tools to deliver that change. The start of a new session presents a fresh opportunity and an obligation to take our country in a better direction. 

Through calls, emails, letters, and social media posts, the American people have made it clear that they want less gridlock, more cooperation, and a government that works for their best interests, not its own. Congress must seize this opportunity to affect real, meaningful changes that will improve the lives of all Americans; changes like simplifying our tax code, repealing and replacing Obamacare to make health insurance more accessible and more affordable, and reducing the amount of onerous and unnecessary government regulations that hurt small businesses and weaken the economy. We must address issues like comprehensive immigration reform to protect the border and enhance national security, and criminal justice reform that will bring increased fairness to the sentencing process, focus on work and rehabilitation programs within the federal prison system, and reduce recidivism for stronger, economically stable families and communities.   

My colleagues and I are moving forward to turn promises made into promises kept. It’s time to turn words into actions and produce results – to think big, reimaging the way our government can and should function, and bring the focus back to where it belongs – on the American people.
If Members of Congress put aside their differences and choose to work together– if we seize this opportunity – it will shake up Washington like never before and lead our nation into a new era of prosperity and promise. 

Together, we will work in tandem with the new president and his administration to change the status quo. There will be challenges and bumps in the road, but with cooperation, real change is possible.

I’m optimistic, hopeful, and excited to tackle the challenges ahead, and accomplish the reforms that will make this country stronger and more prosperous for generations to come.