This past week, I traveled throughout Wisconsin’s Fifth Congressional District and met with record numbers of constituents over 15 town hall meetings. 

Many issues were discussed, but one topic that concerned a majority of citizens was the plan for our nation’s healthcare. Despite promising affordable healthcare for all Americans, Obamacare has led to sky-rocketing price increases, fewer healthcare options, and decreased quality of care. The Obamacare exchanges are collapsing, and Congress is working hard to repeal and replace the law before it fails and leaves millions of Americans without insurance. 

Under the Better Way Agenda, Republicans have a plan to repeal and replace Obamacare that prioritizes four main objectives aimed at making healthcare more efficient, cost-effective, and personal.

• First, the Republican plan gives Americans more choices at lower costs. Americans deserve more control and more choices so that they can choose the health plan that meets their specific needs.

• Second, our plan offers real protections and peace of mind to healthcare consumers. It ensures that Americans never have to worry about being turned away or having their coverage taken away – regardless of age, income, pre-existing conditions, or circumstances. 

• Third, we offer cutting-edge cures and treatments. Our plan clears out the bureaucracy to accelerate the development of life-saving devices and therapies, putting patients first.

• Finally, the Republican plan puts in place a stronger Medicare. It protects this vital program for today’s seniors and preserves it for the future generations of Americans.  

Republicans in the House of Representatives are already taking steps forward to produce sound, reliable healthcare legislation that Americans can count on, and I look forward to continuing an open, transparent dialogue with my constituents about our plan and the legislative process.