Our country faces many challenges that require serious, thoughtful solutions from our elected officials. We cannot continue to kick the can down the road as the people of this nation struggle to achieve their goals and live the American dream.

Understanding the complexities of the issues, working together to find solutions, and identifying areas of compromise are the hallmarks of responsible government. These tasks are difficult and it takes a unique leader to bring different ideas and perspectives together. 

It is in times of uncertainty and change that true leaders reveal themselves. When they are asked to serve, they do so willingly and without hesitation. They thrive under pressure and create new paths forward, always working toward the greatest good.

Paul D. Ryan is a true conservative who embodies this type of visionary leadership.

His installment as Speaker of the House of Representatives is a historic moment for Wisconsin and a turning point for America’s future. His experience, skills, and statesmanship, along with his undying commitment to serve, gives me renewed confidence and optimism in the direction of this nation.

Speaker Ryan has the rare abilities to unite a diverse Republican Party, to reach across the partisan divide and establish common ground, and to communicate effectively with the people of this nation. He will serve dutifully with honor, respect, and reverence for the office he now holds, while always fighting on behalf of the people who elected him.  

I have complete confidence in Paul and am proud to call him a friend and colleague. I offer my congratulations to him and his family as he begins this exciting and challenging new role, and encourage you all to join me in continuous prayer for him, his family, and our country.