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9/14/18 Bipartisan group of lawmakers offer bill to provide certainty following online sales tax ruling
9/14/18 Bill would put brakes on U.S. states' rush to tax internet sales
9/14/18 Lawmakers Float a Bill to Freeze Sales Tax “Chaos” for Small Biz
9/13/18 Civil Rights Commission Calls for Action on Voting Rights Fix
8/23/18 California Attorney General Joins Coalition Urging Quick Passage of Bill to Stop Opioid Crisis
8/23/18 Attorneys general urge 'swift passage' of Ron Johnson, Jim Sensenbrenner opioid measure spurred by Oconomowoc family
8/23/18 90 deaths to date: AG Schimel joins 52 others, submitting letter to Congress to close fentanyl loophole
8/23/18 Attorneys general urge 'swift passage' of Wisconsin-led fentanyl bill
8/20/18 How Congress killed efforts to slash subsidies for wealthy farmers
8/15/18 Is Federal Digital Sales Tax Legislation on Its Last Leg?
8/13/18 The tangled election-year politics of Trump's tariffs in Wisconsin
8/9/18 The Week
8/8/18 Our Views: A final push to overturn newsprint tariff
8/6/18 Mahoney: Mount Pleasant board ignoring eminent domain mandates
7/31/18 Unanimous Eminent Domain Vote in House Could Lead to Less Waste of Government Funds
7/26/18 Houses Passes Private Property Rights Protection Act - But Celebration is Premature
7/25/18 Peter Strzok says he can't recall changing Hillary Clinton exoneration statement on his computer
7/17/18 John Nichols: Not all Republicans abandon 'party of Lincoln's' faith in voting rights
7/17/18 House Judiciary to Hold Hearing on State Online Sales Taxes
7/13/18 3 Moments That Actually Mattered at the Peter Strzok Hearing
7/12/18 Finally: House unanimously passes response to Kelo Finally: House Unanimously Passes Response To Kelo
7/9/18 Wisconsin politicians and candidates weigh in on Supreme Court nominee
6/28/18 One bill that will stop the spread of deadly fentanyl
6/27/18 Harley-Davidson to shift some bike production outside US