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9/28/18 Congressional Hearing Suggests Feds Could Get Involved in Sports Betting
9/28/18 GOP favors federal regulation on sports gambling
9/28/18 House members show support for regulation
9/28/18 Need for federal sports gambling regulations discussed in Congress
9/27/18 Sports Betting Hearing: Gaming Industry Warns Congress Too Many Regulations Will Propel Underground Bookies
9/27/18 Update on the latest business
9/27/18 House Subcommittee Hears Spirited Debate On Role Of Federal Government In Regulating Sports Gambling
9/27/18 House members indicate support for sports gambling regulation
9/27/18 Sports Betting at Forefront of Thursday Congressional Hearing: A Little More Conversation, Very Little Action
9/27/18 Republicans favor new federal regulation on sports gambling
9/27/18 Sports betting delayed at Mardi Gras, Wheeling Island
9/27/18 GOP lawmakers push for new regulations on sports gambling
9/27/18 Sports betting heroes battle forces of evil at House hearing
9/26/18 U.S. House panel to consider sports betting on Sept. 27
9/26/18 Legalized, Taxed Sports Betting Brings Millions to States
9/26/18 5 Key Issues To Watch At The Congressional Sports Betting Hearing
9/26/18 What You Need To Know About The Sports Betting Hearing In Congress
9/26/18 Witnesses set for 'Post-PASPA' hearing on Thursday
9/25/18 Illinois residents will pay additional online sales tax starting Oct. 1
9/24/18 Compromise to finish the farm bill
9/24/18 N.H. internet business faces uncertainty and possible closure if sales tax protections aren't passed
9/24/18 NFL, Gaming Officials to Testify at House Sports Betting Hearing
9/23/18 Some in Congress hope to blunt online tax ruling
9/21/18 Congressional Hearing Will Examine Federal Framework to Guide States on Sports Betting