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3/1/19 Daily on Energy: Trump Cabinet jockeys over ethanol plan
3/1/19 U.S. officials team up in Wilkes-Barre announcing act to fight fentanyl imports
3/1/19 On the critically endangered list: The Principled Republican
2/7/19 DC Wrap: Baldwin responds to calls to run for president; House committee assignments finalized
2/6/19 Sensenbrenner announces bill to lower prescription drug costs
2/5/19 Wisconsin representatives react to President Trump's State of the Union
2/5/19 Bipartisan group of lawmakers introduces bill to fight high drug prices
1/11/19 GOP centrist and skeptic jockey for spot on Pelosi's climate 'crisis' committee
1/11/19 Wisconsin in Brief
1/10/19 Mexican drug cartels would pay for the wall under GOP bill
1/10/19 U.S. Rep. Jim Sensenbrenner has hip replacement surgery
1/10/19 U.S. Rep. Jim Sensenbrenner recuperating after hip replacement surgery
1/10/19 Rep. Jim Sensenbrenner has hip replacement
1/3/19 BORN IN THE US-NAY Irish people’s chance to avail of E-3 visa to live and work in USA hits snag after Senator puts ‘hold’ on bill
12/11/18 Senate Bill Would Block State Remote Sales Taxes Until 2020
12/10/18 Disability Activists At Senator Gardner’s Christmas Party Get Picture But No Promises
12/8/18 Internet gambling addiction is a looming crisis
12/7/18 President George H.W. Bush: An Environmental Protection Legacy
12/7/18 Jim Sensenbrenner urges VA Secretary to take 'immediate' action on underpayment of GI Bill benefits
12/6/18 Mass of Christian Burial for Bishop Robert C. Morlino
12/6/18 Johnson backs bill to delist gray wolf, while Baldwin remains noncommittal
12/5/18 Madison Bishop Robert Morlino remembered for having deep knowledge of Catholic doctrine
12/5/18 A President has passed
12/5/18 New US betting bill would require fed approval of state legislation
12/5/18 State betting laws could be vetoed under leaked federal bill