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12/2/19 Elected officials react to Waukesha school shooting
12/2/19 Police: Officer shoots armed student at Waukesha South High School
12/2/19 17-year-old with handgun shot by officer inside Waukesha South HS: ‘Terrifying day’
11/26/19 House Judiciary Sets First Impeachment Hearing
11/14/19 Lawmakers push antitrust regulators to do more on Big Tech's potential monopolies
11/14/19 Dr. Lisa Arkin: Wisconsin passed step therapy reform — now we need the federal government to do the same
11/13/19 How the Trump impeachment inquiry compares to Bill Clinton's
11/13/19 House Continues Deep Dive into Digital Antitrust and Big Tech
11/13/19 Trump impeachment hearings are fourth in history of American presidents
11/6/19 Visclosky, Longtime Indiana Democrat, to Retire as Centrists Exit Congress
10/24/19 House Democrats scrambling to rewrite the Voting Rights Act to fulfill campaign promise
10/16/19 Investigators from the House Has Confirmed They Have Been Receiving Data from Major Firms
10/16/19 Resolution opposing Trump's troop withdrawal in Syria is backed by Wisconsin lawmakers in both parties
10/16/19 House antitrust probe prompts replies from Google, Amazon, Apple, Facebook: Judiciary Committee
10/15/19 House investigators receive initial documents from top tech companies
10/15/19 House investigators say they have begun receiving data from big tech firms
10/3/19 GOP veterans of Clinton impeachment urge restraint on Trump
9/30/19 'Wait a minute': Republican veterans of 1998 Clinton impeachment say Democrats are doing it wrong
9/27/19 Reporter's Notebook: Trump impeachment inquiry will go on even with House in recess
9/27/19 Accolades and epithets for Sensenbrenner as topic of Trump looms over his town hall meetings
9/27/19 Democrats flout process to paint Trump as warranting impeachment, congressman says
9/26/19 Former cop tells Congress 'I will not comply' if assault weapons are banned
9/25/19 Defenders and critics of Trump draw wildly different conclusions from written record of Ukraine phone call
9/25/19 Tom Barrett, Jim Sensenbrenner reflect on impeachment of President Clinton: ‘Literally took months’
9/25/19 Sparks fly at assault-weapons ban hearing on Capitol Hill, ex-cop vows she would 'not comply'