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12/20/17 Pro-Life Coalition Warns: Obamacare 'Stability' Deal Without Hyde Amendment Will Force Taxpayers to Fund Abortion
12/19/17 Senate Republicans Ready An Abortion Flip-Flop In Obamacare ‘Stability’ Bill
12/18/17 States Sue Massachusetts Over Ban on Out-of-State Meat
12/17/17 Mike Bleech: Federal Chronic Wasting Disease legislation announced
12/13/17 Poll: Bipartisan majorities support restrictions on lobbying by former government officials
12/11/17 These Lawmakers Held the Most Town Halls in 2017
12/11/17 Disabled thank Tipton for supporting home care
12/7/17 Rep. Sensenbrenner: 'Not Just the Air Force; It Could Be Any Clerk of Court Anywhere in the Country'
12/7/17 WI Congressmen Push for Changes to DMPP in Farm Bill
11/14/17 Sessions: 'I've Always Told the Truth'
11/2/17 Sensenbrenner: Compromise On Border Wall Key To Protecting DACA Recipients
10/30/17 Sensenbrenner Predicts Changes For Tax Overhaul Plan
10/13/17 Sensenbrenner: No more U.S. aid for 'rogue state' North Korea
9/25/17 Meet the 10 Members of House Republicans’ DACA Task Force
8/5/17 Congress should stop states from taxing and regulating beyond their own borders
7/27/17 Addressing the opioid crisis: Q&A with Congressman Jim Sensenbrenner
7/18/17 Under Sessions’ Plan, Government Will Seize More People’s Property
7/7/17 Wauwatosa residents speak their minds at Sensenbrenner town hall
6/23/17 Schneider: Rep. Jim Sensenbrenner isn't going anywhere
6/16/17 Sensenbrenner, Grothman: No added security following Virginia shooting
6/15/17 Increase civility, decrease violence
6/5/17 Ranking Wisconsin's federal lawmakers for 'bipartisanship'
5/21/17 State Journal editorial: Two state reps rank high for cooperation
5/21/17 Congress should act to stop states from battling over online sales taxes