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3/2/17 U.S. Rep. Jim Sensebrenner: I show up for my constituents
2/27/17 Have Gavel, Will Travel
7/7/16 Sensenbrenner holding town hall Sunday
5/19/16 Lawmakers Introduce Bill Making it Harder for Police to Take Innocent Americans’ Property
5/11/16 Let's take decisive action on opioid abuse
2/12/16 A Republican Crime Proposal That Democrats Should Back
1/12/16 House Judiciary passes bill to help prisoners re-enter society
1/12/16 Sensenbrenner says Rubio using ‘McCarthyism’ in NSA records collection debate
12/10/15 Sensenbrenner finds himself at odds with Rubio over Patriot Act
12/9/15 Privacy is not the problem
12/3/15 Patriot Act author warns EU against dragnet response to terror
11/28/15 Rein in farm bill spending
9/17/15 The Judicial Redress Act is essential to U.S. law enforcement
7/25/15 Time To Fix Our Federal Criminal Justice System
7/24/15 Rep. Jim Sensenbrenner: Passing the ADA 25 Years Ago Was a “Huge Milestone”
7/16/15 The U.S. locks up way too many people. That could change.
7/10/15 The Moment for Criminal-Justice Reform?
7/10/15 Obama to Push U.S. Sentencing Change Backed by Koch Billionaires
7/7/15 A New Beginning for Criminal Justice Reform
7/6/15 Lawmakers reach across the aisle to draft criminal justice reform
7/2/15 Wisconsin lawmakers central to Obama's late-term agenda
6/25/15 House lawmakers unveil bipartisan criminal reform bill
6/22/15 Momentum on Criminal Justice Repair
6/3/15 After carefully building coalition, Sensenbrenner savors win
5/26/15 Congress should find compromise on NSA spying bill