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5/24/18 ADAPT activists put their bodies on the line to gain support for Disability Integration Act
5/24/18 Washington Co. Supervisors meet with Cong. Sensenbrenner in D.C.
5/15/18 Fourth annual Jump for Archie to take place in Oconomowoc this weekend
5/15/18 Waukesha Jump Into Lake To Benefit Drug Overdose Victims
4/29/18 Editorial: A lot more cooperation is needed in Congress
4/26/18 Wisconsin Lawmakers Hope NAFTA 2.0 Will Improve Dairy Woes
4/16/18 Congressional group asks FBI boss Wray to explain Apple lawsuit
4/16/18 US pollies question FBI's claims about phones 'going dark'
4/13/18 Lawmakers question FBI director on encryption
4/2/18 Dennis Ross Doubles Down on his Zero Based Budgeting Proposal
3/28/18 Wisconsin members of Congress are divided on whether they need to protect the Mueller investigation into Russia and Trump
3/26/18 Paul Ryan calls eminent domain takeovers wrong, but won't help homeowners in Foxconn case
3/23/18 Doug Collins to run for House Judiciary chair
3/23/18 Lawmakers renew call for end to 'black budget' secrecy
3/23/18 Wyden bill aims to boost intelligence spending transparency
3/22/18 Ex-Oscar Mayer site among 11 Dane County areas designated as economic opportunity zones
3/21/18 Jayapal brings a Seattle idea for fighting opioid crisis to D.C.
3/21/18 CCAGW Honors Rep. Jim Sensenbrenner for Being a “Taxpayer Super Hero”
3/20/18 Lawmakers Question Obama-Era Discipline Policy at Hearing on Parkland Shooting
3/20/18 Summary and Timeline Related to Parkland Shooting Investigation
3/20/18 'Don't Go There': Jeff Flake Warns of Impeachment Proceedings If Trump Fires Mueller
3/19/18 Sensenbrenner Visits Jefferson
3/15/18 Clock Runs Out On Perjury Charges For James Clapper, Ensuring He Won't Be Punished For Lying To Congress
3/14/18 Clapper And Flynn: Is The Justice Department Adhering To A Double Standard On Perjury?
3/13/18 Wisconsin lawmakers react to Tillerson firing