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7/26/18 Houses Passes Private Property Rights Protection Act - But Celebration is Premature
7/25/18 Peter Strzok says he can't recall changing Hillary Clinton exoneration statement on his computer
7/17/18 House Judiciary to Hold Hearing on State Online Sales Taxes
7/17/18 John Nichols: Not all Republicans abandon 'party of Lincoln's' faith in voting rights
7/13/18 3 Moments That Actually Mattered at the Peter Strzok Hearing
7/12/18 Finally: House unanimously passes response to Kelo Finally: House Unanimously Passes Response To Kelo
7/9/18 Wisconsin politicians and candidates weigh in on Supreme Court nominee
6/28/18 One bill that will stop the spread of deadly fentanyl
6/27/18 Harley-Davidson to shift some bike production outside US
6/22/18 Supreme Court Rules States Can Collect Sales Tax on Web Purchases
6/21/18 Overstock urges Congress to act in the wake of the Supreme Court's online sales tax decision
6/20/18 Wisconsin Republicans scramble on Donald Trump administration's family separations
6/13/18 ATR Statement in Support of the No Regulation Without Representation Act
6/11/18 The King of Town Halls Reflects on Face Time
6/11/18 Commentary: Ulterior motives are not equal rights
6/8/18 For Some in Congress, the Opioid Crisis Is Personal
6/8/18 Wisconsin reeling from tariffs coming from Mexico, Canada, Europe
6/6/18 Do Most People Really Care About Politics?
6/6/18 The Courier news briefs, June 7-21
6/6/18 5 Years After Snowden, Has Anything Changed?
6/5/18 Amid polarized times, U.S. Rep. Jim Sensenbrenner town hall draws just one (very polite) constituent
6/5/18 Sensenbrenner Town Hall Draws Just One Constituent
6/4/18 Sensenbrenner agrees Trump could pardon himself, but says it would lead to impeachment
6/4/18 One person in attendance for Sensenbrenner town hall
6/4/18 Word on the Hill: What’s Buzzing on Capitol Hill?