MILWAUKEE - He's in a wheelchair and using a walker with a long road to recovery, but Congressman Jim Sensenbrenner is back to work on Capitol Hill.

"Everyday there's less pain," said Sensenbrenner.

The Congressman is recovering from fractured hip he suffered during a fall at an event in Butler last month.

The Congressman says he's had well wishes from both sides of the aisle.  In fact, just this morning, Sensenbrenner was talking to New York Democrat Carolyn McCarthy when she offered to take the next elevator because he takes up most of the elevator in his wheelchair.

It appears the Congressman has found one of the few places lawmakers can be friends these days.  "I wish we'd have less partisan rancor on camera.  This shows we are human beings off camera," Sensenbrenner said.

The Congressman says he's got weeks left in the wheelchair.  "Anytime there is a hip injury, it's a serious injury because there's no way the doctor can cast it.

Sensenbrenner made it back to Washington in time to cast votes lawmakers were taking.