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MILWAUKEE - Menomonee Falls Congressman Jim Sensenbrenner says it would be better to let the country fall off the fiscal cliff than to agree to a deal that doesn't reform entitlements.

"We have a spending problem.  Unless we address the spending problem, which is driven by the growth rate of entitlement programs, we're not going to solve the deficit and the debt problem," Sensenbrenner told Newsradio 620 WTMJ's Charlie Sykes.

The Congressman points out that simply raising taxes is only a short term fix.  That's because the cost of entitlements will continue to rise if they aren't reformed.  "A bad deal is worse than no deal and going off the cliff," Sensenbrenner said.

Sensenbrenner says it's important to address the spending first.  Some Republicans have signaled they're willing to go along with some tax increases.  But, they say that's only if there is also entitlement reform.