By: Jake Margis in the Capital Times

Dear Editor: Despite all the political banter feeding the 24/7 media, Americans still like to look out for our neighbors. And that is on full display in a bill currently in Congress that has overwhelming bipartisan support on an issue that doesn’t seem to have much bipartisan agreement these days – health care.

The Access to Marketplace Insurance Act would ensure that no insurance company can deny coverage based on someone getting help with their premium from private charities. Now you wouldn’t think a bill like this is needed, but unfortunately some insurance companies are trying to kick sick people off their plans because they get help with their premium payments from some of the most important organizations in our country: nonprofit charities. But in a time when everything seems partisan, both parties are coming together to stop it.

The Access to Marketplace Insurance Act has the support of Republican Congressman Jim Sensenbrenner. It’s also supported by Democrats like Madison’s Congressman Mark Pocan. All told, the bill has over 110 Republican and over 60 Democrat co-sponsors.

We shouldn’t need a bill to protect charity premium help, but we do. Congress needs to pass this bill immediately because Americans care about our neighbors and this bill proves it.