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Our economy needs a tax overhaul. The current tax code is far too confusing and complex, making compliance burdensome and costly for the many honest citizens and businesses that make up our community.

New rules and regulations that take effect each year often compound the problem and have undesirable and unintended consequences for the American economy. Many of the issues that stifle small business growth and burden everyday taxpayers could be fixed with comprehensive tax reform legislation that would simplify the tax code and lower tax rates for individuals and small businesses. That is why Congress should pass comprehensive tax reform that would leave us with a tax code that is predictable, stable, and fair.

I have dedicated much of my time in Congress advocating for a tax system that would reduce rates, broaden the base, and close special interest loop holes that are available only to a very few. Such measures would help raise revenues, ensure greater compliance, and put our economy back on track by freeing up capital and spurring investment that would get Americans working again.