2nd Amendment Rights:

Hunting and outdoor sporting is a proud Wisconsin tradition. All law-abiding citizens should have their Second Amendment right to “keep and bear arms” honored. I remain committed to supporting legislation that ensures the long term health and vitality of our public lands, so that Wisconsinites will be able to continue enjoying their Second Amendment rights and the many outdoor sports that make Wisconsin great.

Criminal Justice:

I am proud of my efforts to help improve our criminal justice system. I have introduced multiple bills to ensure that our federal criminal laws and regulations are effectively and fairly enforced, wrongdoers are appropriately punished, and our civil liberties protected.

I am the author of the Second Chance Act, which provides non-profit faith and community-based organizations with mentoring grants to develop support programs such as drug treatment, housing, job training, medical care, and education. This legislation improves re-entry services which has resulted in a reduction in recidivism and helped ensure a successful return to society for prisoners who have completed their sentence.

Protect our children:

I am a staunch advocate for the protection of children and am proud of my efforts on initiatives such as the Protect Act and the Adam Walsh Act. The Adam Walsh Child Protection and Safety Act seeks to protect our children from convicted sex offenders, combat child sexual abuse, and ensure that adequate resources are devoted to the investigation and prosecution of those who commit these heinous crimes. Convicted sex offenders often evade current state registration requirements and go on to commit additional offenses. I am committed to strengthening our child safety programs by expanding the coverage of the national sex offender registry. The federal registry will help communities to identify potentially dangerous sex offenders who may pose a threat.

Americans with Disabilities:

An issue that I have long fought for during my time in Congress is improving treatment and increasing opportunity for Americans with disabilities. I proudly introduced the Americans with Disabilities Restoration Act (ADA). This bipartisan bill was signed into law by President Bush and protects individuals with a disability from workplace discrimination. Since enacted, fewer citizens are judged by their physical and mental impairments, and are instead evaluated according to their character and qualifications.

Our country’s first principles were founded in the spirit of equal opportunity. I believe that all citizens deserve protection from physical and societal barriers so they may fully pursue the American Dream.