The rising costs of health care are detrimental to our nation, and serious reforms are necessary. The passage of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) shifted power away from patients and physicians and gave it to unelected Washington bureaucrats. I vehemently opposed, and am still committed to repealing the ACA because it imposes excessive mandates, business-crushing tax hikes, job-killing regulations, and subsidies that have significantly increased the cost of health care while reducing the quality of service. I am supportive of measures that will increase competition in the health insurance market by allowing Americans to purchase insurance across state lines, enacting sensible medical malpractice reform, and ending government mandates and regulations that increase the cost of health care. I am also committed to reforms that will protect the relationships between patients and their doctors. The ACA has set our health care system on an unsustainable path. Market-centered, patient-first reforms are the only solution to preserve our nation’s first-class medical system.