President Obama’s budget proposal is extremely disappointing and in many ways even worse than anticipated. His plan raises taxes by $1.1 trillion, increases government spending by $964 and adds $8.2 trillion to our debt. The President’s budget takes more money out of the pockets of hard-working Americans, continues the status quo of reckless Washington spending and crushes future generations with an anvil of debt.

When comparing the President’s budget proposal to the one introduced by Chairman Ryan and the Budget Committee and passed by House Republicans, the correct path for our nation is crystal clear.

Our plan balances in 10 years and puts American on a path toward economic stability and self-reliance, while the President introduced a budget two months late that does not balance – ever.  The Republican plan preserves and protects programs Americans depend on like Social Security and Medicare.  The President’s budget holds any reforms to save these programs hostage to even more tax hikes, creating uncertainty and putting current seniors and future generations at risk. We would change the status quo, hold Washington accountable, end government waste and duplication and put our country on a path to fiscal stability.  The White House’s proposal is simply just more of the same.

We cannot tax, spend and borrow our way to prosperity. Higher taxes, more spending and bigger government will only make recovery more difficult for families, which is why I support a plan that will foster a healthier economy and help put Americans back to work.