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Statement on Tax Holiday Deal

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Washington, December 22, 2011 | Amanda Infield (202-225-5101) | comments

Congressman Sensenbrenner released this statement regarding the announcement that the House and Senate have reached an agreement on the payroll tax holiday:

“While I still support a year-long extension, I am happy to hear that that Speaker Boehner and Senator Reid have come to an agreement on the payroll tax holiday. Both sides have given up something, but the winners are wage-earners, the long-term unemployed, and Medicare recipients. This agreement will ensure that they are not the victims of the flawed Senate bill.

“Speaker Boehner agreed to pass the two-month tax holiday, and Senator Reid agreed to appoint conferees to work out a bill for a year-long extension. This two-month bill is paid for and will not increase the deficit, while ensuring that Congress will pass a year-long bill that gives both American workers and employers certainty for 2012.”

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