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Statement on Payroll Tax Vote

Give American Workers Certainty in 2012

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Washington, December 20, 2011 | Amanda Infield (202-225-5101) | comments

Following the House vote to go to conference on the payroll tax bill, Congressman Sensenbrenner called on the Senate to return to Washington to work out differences between the House and Senate-passed bills to provide certainty to hard-working Americans.

“Job creators in my district told me they need certainty from Washington, and that means we have to do better than the Senate’s two-month punt,” Sensenbrenner said.

“The House passed a bill to extend the payroll tax cut for one year, fund unemployment insurance and spur job creation. But unless the Senate returns to work, millions of hard-working Americans will see their taxes go up January 1.”

Experts have notified Congress that a two-month extension, on such short notice, is logistically problematic and confusing. The President has adamantly argued that Congress should give employers and workers the certainty of a full year payroll tax holiday extension. In this case, we have bipartisan agreement and expert input—all we are missing is Senate participation.”

“This is an opportunity to work together, use the legislative process, and provide Americans with some much-needed certainty for next year, and all of next year.”

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