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Yes, We Can…Do Better

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Washington, April 1, 2010 | Wendy Riemann ((202) 225-5101) | comments

The health care bill – now law – will likely be studied by political scientists for a long time to come.
This is a law that came close to passing a second time without Members actually voting on it, so supportive Members would have plausible deniability.
This is a law that the President couldn’t clarify what was or was not in the bill hours before the vote (see Bret Baier interview).
This is a law that will be financed in large part by the Department of the Treasury (which is headed by a man who didn’t pay his taxes).
This is a law that had a separate “fixes” bill drafted before it was even signed into law.  (The President signed the “fixes bill” into law on Tuesday.)
If all that doesn’t make clear how awful this law is for our nation, Fidel Castro, Cuba’s communist dictator, praised the United States on the bill’s passage.
And it goes from bad to worse.  As Congress set this new, nearly trillion dollar entitlement program into law, our Social Security program crossed the point in which it is now giving out more money than it is taking in… it went into the red years ahead of schedule.  Medicare crossed into the red years ago.  These two entitlement programs have already put us $76 trillion in the hole.
These are the two programs Speaker Pelosi and others proudly taut as the models for their health care program.  And we’re expected to believe this new health care law will pay for itself?!  The Democrats already fudged the numbers by using 10 years of tax increases and supposed Medicare cuts to pay for six years of spending.  It won’t be long before this health care overhaul is also operating in the red, costing taxpayers more, and burdening our children and grandchildren with more debt.
It is an uphill battle that will take time, but repeal and replace can be possible.  The Speaker is already heavy in her verbal spin about all the care Republicans would take away.  We agree that no person should be denied coverage or dropped from a plan when they get sick – that would be in the replacement legislation.  However, a fine of $695 for not buying personal insurance coverage or placing heavy mandates and taxes on companies are not good solutions. 
Republicans are for health care reform.  Republicans don’t want to create an unsustainable program or hurt the businesses that are the backbone of our economy.  Republicans want to reform health care the right way.  Republicans recognize the need to fix what’s broken without breaking what is working in health care.
The current health care law is a poor law that the majority of Americans are against.  We can do better and America deserves better legislation that we can afford and helps our economy prosper.    

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