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Sensenbrenner Speaks with Jay Weber on Climategate

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Washington, December 7, 2009 | Wendy Riemann ((202) 225-5101) | comments

Congressman Jim Sensenbrenner spoke with radio host Jay Weber this morning about Climategate. 

Some highlights include:

On Chairman Markey Not Hearing a Skeptic as a Witness


“I asked him to call a hearing before the Copenhagen Conference heats up next week, under the rules that allow the minority party to call for a day of witnesses, where I would select the witnesses, and so far he hasn’t responded and I’m not holding my breath.”

On Democrats Burying the Truth


“This is really an inconvenient truth.  The President’s science advisor, who is a former Harvard professor named Holdren, is involved in the email scandals and covering up the fact that data has been lost, the fact that contrary opinions to the global warming crowd has been squeezed out of scientific journals – and as a matter of fact – the editor of one scientific journal who published contrary data has been fired.  Now this is an international conspiracy.  Before we end up transferring trillions of dollars from the pocketbook of American ratepayers to China and India – which is what Al Gore’s global warming treaty proposes to do – then we ought to get to the bottom of this and find out whether this is really science or whether this is a bunch of people with a political agenda that’s cooked the books.” 


“This should not be political science, but should be real science.”

On the long-term effect of Climategate


“It depends on how deep the scandal is.  All of the raw data from the 70s and 80s that were put into the computers at the British University to project what was going to happen 50 years from now has been inconveniently lost.  We see in these emails that ended up being on the Internet that the people who say that there’s man-made global warming end up saying that this data is contrary and we’ve actually had global cooling in the last ten years.”


“They’ve use the word ‘trick’ to describe how they are synthesizing the data that they have.  Honestly, if we’re talking about trillions of dollars and the health of the American economy and jobs at stake, we better make sure we’re not tricked.”

On Cap-and-Tax


“Cap and Tax simply shifts admissions and money from the developed world, like America, to the developing world, like China and India.  The way you deal with this is with technology, but the only way you get people to front the money to develop new technologies is by protecting their patent, copyright and other intellectual property rights.  China and India and a lot of the developing countries have an absolutely rotten and completely nonexistent record of protecting anybodies intellectual property rights.  No IPR protection, no money gets put at risk to develop new technologies.” 



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